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Minimalism and Tiny Houses

Minimalism is a recent design trend that has gained popularity within the last five years. This is thanks to the demand of tiny homes and hit shows like Marie Kondo’s Tidying up on Netflix. So, what is minimalism?

The Core Principles of Minimalism are:

  • Owning fewer possessions

  • Intentionality

  • Freedom from the passion to possess

  • Freedom from modern mania

  • Counter-culturalism

Minimalism is defined as a style where a few simple items are used to create the maximum effect. Many people consider implementing this concept into their lives to free themselves from clutter and the chaos in their life. The meaning of minimalism can vary from person to person but they all share a common goal: an intentional choice to live with less. Following a minimalist lifestyle, you start to only own things that bring both joy and purpose into your life and home.

To some, living in these times can feel a bit fast-paced and materialistic. You can get so wrapped up in following trends, and everywhere we look someone is trying to sell you something. Let’s be honest, it can be hard to resist sometimes. Before you know it, your house it filled with stuff you never use. Finding an escape from it all can seem impossible, and some people have found relief in minimalism.

There are several advantages when it comes to partaking in a minimalist lifestyle. Less clutter means less time spent cleaning or organizing and more hours in the day for family and friends. With more free time from not having to clean as often, you can focus on the things that matter, like hobbies and passions you may have not had time for before implementing minimalism into your life. A less cluttered living space can also help improve your health by reducing stress. A study by Darby Saxbe and Rena Repetti showed that a messy environment can increase your cortisol levels. With less clutter in your house, you are creating a less stressful environment that is better for you and your loved ones.

One thing minimalists are turning to is tiny homes because they are the epitome of the philosophy in practice. Minimalism and tiny homes have always been intrinsically linked. Tiny homes are built in an architectural style to allow owners to fully utilize every square inch of the small area the homes take up. Quite the opposite of the large suburban home with the white picket fence, tiny homes fully embody the anti-consumerism ideals of minimalism. Less space means you have only room for what you absolutely need. This can make it easier to have a bit of order and structure in your life, reducing the fatigue that comes with having to decide what to do or what to clean every day.

If you struggle with the pace and materialism of these modern times, perhaps a minimalist lifestyle and a tiny home are perfect for you!

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