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What Goes In a Tiny House?

Decorating a tiny house takes a lot of creativity considering an average tiny house is 60 to 400 square feet. So how do you make the most of this space? Despite what you may think, you have tons of options when it comes to furnishing your tiny house, and you can even DIY a lot of these! Just because you decide to live in a smaller space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice luxury furnishings.

Here are some common furnishings in a tiny house

  • Composting Toilet

  • Wet Bathrooms

  • Murphy Beds

  • Trundle Beds

  • Lofted Beds

  • Staircase Storage

  • Storage Ottomans

  • Simple Hooks

  • Floating Furnishings

  • Wall-mounted Tables

Bathroom Furnishings

So, you’ve either purchased, rented, or built your own tiny house, congrats! Now it’s time to fill your new home! Clearly, you don’t have enough space to create a lavish walk-in spa, but you can still do a lot with this space. Composting toilets are super popular in tiny houses which allow you to eliminate the toilet from your water bill! The goal here is to turn human waste into compost dirt, so the toilet stores waste and you’ll have to spin it on occasion to help the composting process. Don’t worry though, you can add things like popcorn and coconut shavings to the composting chamber to eliminate the smell and it helps speed the process along! Emptying time is going to vary based on how your body functions and how much toilet paper you use. In the end, you’ll be using less water and creating compost that you can use in your own yard!

If that doesn’t interest you, allow me to introduce you to the wet bathroom! In short, a wet bathroom is when the entirety of the bathroom is also a shower. Often wet bathrooms have a detachable showerhead which makes it easy to pick a “shower spot”. While this option is great for maximizing your space, something you need to look out for is mold. This is a room in your home that is generally warm and moist, meaning you’ll need to find a way to control the moisture. A great way to do this is by installing tile in the space! Aside from this setback, wet bathrooms provide accessibility to everyone, are easy to clean, and save space!

Some alternate options include corner bathtubs/showers, having one all-purpose sink in the house, and bathtubs that double as a shower.

Bedroom Arrangements

Having a comfy bed to sleep on is very important, and the good news is you don’t have to downsize your mattress just because you live in a tiny house! How? By using one of the most genius inventions: the Murphy bed. A Murphy bed is a great solution to maximizing and saving space in your tiny house because it folds up and becomes a wall when not in use. Some Murphy beds include shelving that can be used when the bed is stored and some even convert into a couch! A great thing about these beds is that when they are stored, it looks like a normal wall or closet. As with all things, there are some cons to choosing this bed style, such as the fact that Murphy beds are on the more expensive side. They also may require you to rearrange the area around it when you take it out and store it. On top of this, if the bed is not properly pulled out or stored, it could cause injury. These aspects are important to consider when choosing a bed style.

Another option would be a trundle bed. Trundle beds are great if you have multiple people living in your house, especially children! This bed style is a traditional, normally twin-sized, bed that also has another smaller bed under it that pulls out, it’s basically a two-in-one bed! They generally have wheels on them as well, making it super easy to move around. Trundle beds come in a wide variety of sizes making it easy to fit your design and preferences. Another bonus is that if you don’t want two beds, they make trundle beds that are under daybeds! When considering this style, it’s important to note that these beds are relatively low to the ground to accommodate the second bed and the frames are somewhat weaker than that of a traditional bed. A trundle bed is a great way to save space and accommodate multiple people in the home.

Now let’s talk about the trundle bed’s opposite: a lofted bed. Lofted beds are very popular in tiny houses as they allow you to have a bedroom while keeping the initial space of the tiny house. Most commonly, those who choose a lofted bed put a desk/work area or the living room area under it! Typically, lofted beds are a platform that creates a “second story” to your tiny house, that way not only can you fit a bed, but small bedside tables as well!

Other Areas of the Home

While the bathroom and bedrooms seem to be the most difficult when trying to maximize your space, there are still other aspects of a traditional home you’ll want in yours!

Storage Options

Staircase storage is a great option to provide storage while not taking up a ton of space. This option is easier for those who chose a lofted bed that sits on a platform that requires stairs, but there are also options that include cubby holes and drawers that are in the shape of stairs.

Other commonly used options would be storage ottomans and simple hooks. Storage ottomans double as another sitting space and open to act as a storage bin. Simple hooks such as Command Strip Hooks are a great option if you have items or décor that need to be hung up. Any hooks are extremely useful when making the most of your space!

Other General Furnishings

Mounted furnishings are very useful when furnishing a tiny house. Floating furnishings (desks, tv stands, etc.) allow you to mount furnishings on the walls and save space on the floor. Wall-mounted tables are also great for dining and some even have corners that fold down, or the whole table itself folds down.

This list of common furnishings in a tiny house will help save room in your tiny house and each item has a purpose (or two)! With these things, maximizing your space has never been easier!

Want more tiny house furniture ideas? Check out these Wayfair listings!

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